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Teles Mexican Restaurant, Longview, TX

April 11th, 2013

Teles Mexican Restaurant
by Travis J
Submitted: 4-12-2013
Published: 4-12-2013

Teles Mexican Restaurant; Longview, TX; 1700 Judson Rd, Longview, TX‎ 75601 – (903) 553-9833

A few weeks ago I learned why Teles Mexican Restaurant has such a good reputation around the Longview, TX area. Right when I stepped into the restaurant I was promptly greeted and shown to a table by the host-staff. With likewise speed, the waitress approached, inquiring what I would like to drink with my meal. After I placed my drink order, I turned my attention to the menu. Teles does not have anything too far out of the ordinary as far as “Mexican places to eat” in the East Texas area─it  is fairly standard in that regard; yet I still ordered a batch of fried jalapeños for an appetizer. Chips and salsa were quickly provided, along with my drink. I am a fan of spicier salsa, and Teles’ brand of salsa did not disappoint─it did not burn me up, but my taste buds enjoyed the heat. After a few minutes, I decided upon my entrée, and relayed it to my waitress. When she took my menus and left, I decided to kill time by looking at my phone and sending/receiving some messages. To my pleasant surprise, it seemed like no sooner did I pick up my phone than my entrée arrived! Although I placed the order soon after receiving my appetizer, it was definitely not “too fast” that the entrée arrived. And even better than the speed with which my food was brought to me was the flavor of the food. The food at many East Texan Mexican Restaurants has earned it the nickname “Tex-Mex”, which is, Americanized Mexican food─not really authentic. While Teles was not 100% authentic, it was still a step in that direction, past “Tex-Mex”. The food tasted great, and my waitress was perfectly attentive to keeping my drink filled, and keeping my complimentary chips and salsa “filled”, literally, all throughout the meal and throughout my experience at Teles.

If you’re looking for moderately priced─not too expensive and not quite Taco Bell-ish─Mexican food in the Longview, TX area for a nice lunch by yourself or with a few people, might I suggest Teles Mexican Restaurant?

The restaurant is located at 1700 Judson Rd in Longview, TX.

Amigos Mexican Buffet, Longview, TX (Again)

January 20th, 2012

Amigos Mexican Buffet
by Travis J
Submitted: 1-20-2012
Published: 1-20-2012

Amigos Mexican Buffet; Longview, TX; 2511 Judson Rd, Longview, TX‎ – (903) 758-0081

Can I just say, “Amigos–YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN!

I blogged about Amigos once before when I went to the restaurant with my father, and I sung its praises that time, too. Now here, about a year and a half later, it’s the same story. Amigos is an all-you-can-eat Mexican-food buffet in Longview, TX.

Now when you hear the word ”buffet”–and if you were born and raised or have lived here in East Texas for some time–you may automatically think “gross“. Or you may think, “buffets may be a good value sometimes, but the food isn’t all that great.” This is only halfway true in the case of Amigos Mexican Buffet in Longview because Amigos’ prices are not outrageous, and the food that Amigos offers genuinely tastes really good. It seems to be of a higher quality and taste more satisfying than other buffets in the Longview and East Texas area. While the Mexican food that Amigos offers may not be 100% “authentic”, it seems to be a bit more authentic than many other “Tex Mex” places that one finds in East Texas. Also, the variety of different kinds of Mexican food that Amigos offers allow hungry customers to pick and choose specific Mexican dishes that they prefer over other dishes; or if you’re like me, enjoy ”a little of everything”! The restaurant offers chimichangas, tacos, nachos, cactus, sopapillas, mixed vegetables, taco salad, quesadillas, pork, guacamole, taquitos, soft tacos, fixings for fajitas, and much, much more!

Furthermore, very briefly, the servers are very nice and they “take good care of you” as a customer; and the restaurant’s environment is inviting and fun, with its painted walls and Mexican-style decor.

I simply cannot wait to visit this restaurant again with some of my friends, so that we can share some fun times at an affordable buffet, with quality and tasty food in a fun and welcoming environment!

Last time I blogged about Amigos I wasn’t 100% sure, but having enjoyed another meal there, I am now 100% sure–Amigo’s Mexican Buffet is officially my favorite restaurant in Longview, TX.

The restaurant is located at 2511 Judson Rd in Longview, TX; in a little center of businesses up off of the road, sort of situated in the corner of the stores.

Longview Mall, Longview, TX

August 6th, 2010

Longview Mall
by DeAnna
Submitted: 8-6-2010
Published: 8-6-2010

Longview Mall; Longview, TX; 3500 McCann Road, Longview, TX 75605.

The Longview mall isn’t the world’s largest mall, but for the area it’s the place to go. If you’re from Marshall, you’re going to go to the Longview mall if you want to go to any decent stores. It contains a JCPenney, a Bealls, a Dillards, as well as many smaller stores like Footlocker and Claires. The food court is quite acceptable and has an assorted variety of foods. It’s not like going to the Dallas Galleria, but it is certainly a great mall for the smaller surrounding areas of Longview.

Check out the Longview Mall; Longview, TX; 3500 McCann Road, Longview, TX 75605.

Papacita’s Mexican Restaurant, Longview, TX

July 31st, 2010

Papacita’s Mexican Restaurant
by Brandon
Submitted: 7-31-2010
Published: 7-31-2010

Papacita’s Mexican Restaurant; Longview, TX; 305 W Loop 281 #100, Longview, TX 75605.

I had the opportunity to visit the Papacita’s in Longview, a Mexican restaurant that I’d heard many good things about. It definitely lives up to its reputation.

I went with the choir from my school for our banquet and the food was great. Everything tasted so authentic. I don’t know if it is an official authentic Mexican restaurant, but if it isn’t they could’ve fooled me. Even with a large number of people to deal with all at once, the service was quick and efficient and the food was fresh and filled with flavor. I love the way that everything is done in an orderly fashion. The waiters/waitresses are very professional, patient, and punctual. My favorite thing there was definitely the chips and salsa. The salsa had a kick to it but was not too spicy which was perfect for me because I have to be in the mood for spicy food. The portion sizes were well worth the wait. The choir we had there was about 60 people or so and everyone got chips and dip, and a plate that had two enchiladas, one cheese and the other beef, a taco, beans, rice, and a tostada. That is just the first round. It was all you can eat which is good for anyone with the appetite to put that food in their stomachs.

I give Papacita’s a 9 out of 10 for my first visit. The atmosphere at the restaurant is more than admirable. There is an upstairs and a downstairs with the upstairs area being reserved primarily for large parties such as the banquet. I love Mexican food especially when it is authentic. I can’t wait to get another chance to go there again hopefully in a smaller group so I can try something new.

Check out Papacita’s Mexican Restaurant at 305 W Loop 281 #100, Longview, TX 75605.

Academy Sports & Outdoors, Longview, TX

July 31st, 2010

Academy Sports & Outdoors
by Nicholas
Submitted: 7-31-2010
Published: 7-31-2010

Academy Sports & Outdoors; Longview, TX; 445 Forest Square, Longview, TX 75605.

Before there was an Academy built in Tyler, I remember taking trips to Longview just to go to Academy when I was a kid. Whenever we needed to do serious shopping for hunting, or sports, or paintball or airsoft equipment, we would pile in and drive 40 minutes to Academy.

It was always a great experience. It had everything we needed and more. We would take any excuse we could come up with to “have to go” to Academy. Unexpectedly good, not just fair, prices always made us happy, and we would always end up just looking around with our mouths watering for longer than scheduled. It’s like a playground of sporting goods.

One thing I particularly like about Academy is its selection of knives; pocket knives or hunting knives, at those good prices I mentioned earlier. More than one in my proud arsenal is an Academy knife.

Check out Jack’s Natural Foods at 445 Forest Square, Longview, TX 75605.